About the Church

We are the first Korean Church to be established in Cambridge. 

It first started out in 1989 with a small group of believers gathering at a family home but as they felt the need to establish a church, with the great generosity of St Andrews Church, a community and church of worship was able to be established. Many people have attended this church thus far and even now sympathy and encouragement on life abroad is shared and felt among our fellow worshippers.


We are a church that belongs to The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea.

Our church belongs to the Presbyterian order therefore following the Calvinism beliefs and Presbyterianism service centred on God, the Bible and the Church. As an ‘immigrant’ church we welcome and respect those who have come from various backgrounds and churches and together we are living a faithful life with the hope of being true church members and a true church.

We are a church that loves the reformed theology and aims to perform missionary work.

Historically, the Reformed Church which was created by Zwingli and Calvin loves the theology works under the slogan, ‘the Reformed Church must continue to reform,’ and all the authority is placed on the Bible. Our church confesses our faith with the Apostle’s Creed of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, we believe that salvation is the absolute sovereignty of God and we also regard the glory of God as the ultimate goal in the life of a believer. Furthermore, we are a church that is praying for the missionary work to make the community and the true gospel of the world even more verifiable.

About our Pastor

We welcome everyone who has come to Cambridge and is living their life of faith with us.

Pastor Soon Jo Hong was Born in Seoul, South Korea and is the second oldest of three brothers. Born in a Christian family, from a young age he was learning about the Bible and was living a life of faith. After his personal experience with God during secondary school, he had a deeper understanding of the Christ’s gospel at his youth. During his time at university, the words and sermons of English Pastor Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones left a deep impression on him and he then appreciated the Puritan beliefs. He was ordained a priest (Seoul Presbytery) at the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea. After serving at various churches, in 2005 he was sent to study abroad at the Edinburgh Free Church College. Whilst studying there, he was Senior Pastor at the Rosechapel Korean Church in Edinburgh and then in September 2008, was appointed Senior Pastor here at the Cambridge Korean Church. His hobbies are playing sports and drawing and with his wife, Hyunmi Lee they have two children, Eunji and Eunpyo. He is serving as Pastor here with the dream of being part of a true church and true believers.

St. Andrew's Baptist Church, St Andrews Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom CB2 3AR  

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